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As an experienced tantra practitioner, psychologist and happily married wife for many years, I also offer coaching sessions around all topics that move you in your life:

Whether it is about love, sexuality and relationships or about work-life balance, health and the desire for more inner peace and meaningfulness - I have been passionate about these things myself for a very long time and am happy to offer you my clearly focused attention.

I see myself as an enthusiastic researcher and will gladly accompany you with empathy, presence and an eye for the essential on your path to more insight, clarity and joy of life.


For me it is about living more and more out of the awareness that I am responsible for my thoughts and feelings and that I can shape my life creatively and joyfully in loving acceptance of what is - if your longing goes in the same direction, I will be happy to support you!

(also possible by phone - you can then pay with PayPal!)

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