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Tantra Devi

Tender and sensual
massages in Berlin

The time you spend with me....

... I create sensitive tantric massage rituals (including mutual tantric massage, when we have gotten to know each other better and trust each other) or coaching sessions on your love and sex topics.


Tantra is for me ...

... a philosophy of life that I interpret very undogmatically and freely:

Use everything you encounter, everything you experience, to become free of illusions. Free from limiting ideas about what is "good" and what is "bad". To always be fully awake and present with what is right here, right now.

It is very easy for me to dive into a deep contact with other people and to find a common sensual language.

And I love to explore again and again the unknown that every encounter holds.

Tantra massages are an essential part of my erotic life and it fills me with joy to be able to celebrate this wonderful sensual and tender massage ritual in my studio in Berlin with my guests.


Authentic, serious tantra massage

My tantric massages are very sensual, tender and also very erotic, but I do not offer sexual services. This would contradict the tantric thought.

The distribution of roles between giver (masseur) and receiver (guest) remains clear at all times. Your willingness to be largely passive and above all very attentive and to let me gently guide you through the Tantra massage ritual is an indispensable prerequisite for an extraordinary experience that we can both enjoy unconditionally in my Berlin studio.

This also includes that your eyes remain closed and you surrender completely to your own experience.

What constitutes a tantra massage
The holistic Tantra massage is based on the spiritual tradition of Tantrism, which is thousands of years old.

At the center of this teaching is the idea of the unity of body and mind and the appreciation for the body as the "temple of God".

For this reason, every part of the body is of equal value - and each is given the same attention during the massage, including the intimate area.

The sensual yoni or lingam massage therefore make up a crucial element of the tender massage of my tantric practice in Berlin.

It is important to know, however, that although climax may occur, this is not the "goal" of the massage and I am not responsible for it to happen ;-)...!!!

The tantra massage is characterized by one thing above all - by letting go of all those ways of thinking that make up our mind-centered time: of expectations and pressure to perform, of intentions and of the purpose-boundness of all things.

In the course of this, you can also gradually let go of negative feelings such as shame, prejudices and fears.

In this ambience of relaxation and purposelessness, you are free to allow our holistic shared experience of unconditional closeness and intimate intimacy, which can lead to a deeply felt sense of contentment, bliss and pleasurable enjoyment.

Make a massage appointment
If you have any further questions about my massages or coaching sessions or would like to make an appointment for a tender and sensual massage in Berlin, please feel free to contact me.

You can reach me by phone at 0162/96 39 792, by mail at or via the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.

Namasté - I greet the divine in you!

Angebot & Preise

My Offer

Massage 1.5 hours


Massage 2 hours


Massage 2.5 hours


Massage 3 hours


Coaching 1 hour


Coaching 1.5 hours


Since these are the pure tantric massage times, please plan for a relaxed arrival and departure with pre- and post-talk and shower always about half an hour more for your visit with me!
For coaching sessions, on the other hand, we can of course start right away ;-).

I mainly massage Tuesday-Friday from 10am-8pm, weekend appointments are very rare.
My tantric massages follow a set ritual sequence that begins with a gentle hand massage and very quietly and mindfully gradually involves the whole body, ending with a lingam or yoni massage (of the genital region).
I do not offer home or hotel visits, as I prefer to work in my beautifully appointed private studio, which is conveniently located in Berlin's government district near the Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

Moments of pause and time just for yourself are rare and precious in modern everyday life. In a tender and sensual massage with me you can simply let yourself fall and arrive once completely with yourself and in your body.
Your social status, age and appearance are not important to me - the only thing that counts in our contact is your willingness to surrender to the "flow" between us and to let go of all expectations of "sexyness" - even of orgasm: it may or may not happen, it is not the "goal" of the massage, and I am not responsible for it to happen...;-)!
Tantra massages in my studio in Berlin stimulate all your senses and let your energy flow freely through your body again. In my experienced hands you can recieve a massage that intuitively adjusts to your needs.
You have the opportunity to rediscover your body, have a deep emotional experience and strengthen your sexual self-esteem with a sensual and tender tantra massage at Tantradevi in Berlin.
I look forward to meeting you :-)!

Guest Feedback

Click here to leave a feedback.

Dear An-Yü,
It has been a good 2 weeks since the massage. I feel them so far daily physically and mentally after.

Mostly when I come to rest for a short time.
Actually, it was not just a massage, but a real ritual. It was the first time I experienced it like that. For me it was not the first massage, but after a few years break it was a new beginning. That's why I was really nervous beforehand, but that quickly subsided with you. It was not only skillful, but sensual and very mindful. So mindful that I could feel deep inside myself. I was trembling. But at the same time I believe that there is more to it.

I suspect that I am still on the surface.
Almost 15 years ago, several Tantra massages created in me the awareness to change my life not radically, but in a few important ways. I wonder, of course, where the Tantra new beginning will take me this time. I want to find out. I hope I get to come back again....

Frank (man)

Contact & Impressum

I am available daily, also on weekends, between 10 and 20 o'clock by cell phone for you.

Short-term requests should best be made by phone.

My main working hours are currently Tuesday to Friday.

The longer in advance an appointment is planned, the better - but spontaneously it can often still work out!

My studio is located in the government district in Berlin-Tiergarten/Moabit near the Berlin Hauptbahnhof - you can get the address from me personally.

ATTENTION: I do NOT answer calls with a suppressed number!!!

Imprint information:
An-Yü Huang-Rudolf
Dorfstr. 5
14806 Bad Belzig (this is NOT my studio address, which is in Berlin near the main station!)

Service Summary "Tantric Massages and Rituals"

Thanks for sending!

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