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Hello dear ones,

in my tantra studio in Berlin I give massages for women and men. On this page you can always inform yourself about the massages and my current appointments. Questions and answers about the massages

and the spiritual tradition behind them can be found here.


Appointments with me

can start at 10am at the earliest and end at 8pm at the latest.

Dear friends,

I´m available mondays-thursdays from 10am-5pm.

From may 30th-june 7th, I´m on holiday.

Please absolutely renounce aftershave or other strong artificial fragrances when you come to me ;-)!

Stay, in spite of the unbelievable nonsense that is going on

especially in germany, positively oriented and in your center

and always remember that in the "now" there is NEVER any problem

and 95% of all fears do NOT happen!!!!



I believe that this unique time is about learning to say NO to anything that is not our deepest and most intrinsic truth, and freeing ourselves from false authorities to truly live our OWN lives.

​I am still very happy about my 1A search engine optimization

by the competent and fair professionals (and professionals)

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In addition, I am also very happy with my new "BestWater" - reverse osmosis water filter,

which Peter Nitzsche ( has installed very quickly,

courteously and uncomplicatedly and which now gives me the purest drinking water,

of which I drink large quantities every day...


Maybe see you soon, all the best and Namasté,

Your An-Yü

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