Hi friends!

In february, I'll be there for you tue 25th-thur27th, in march tue 3rd-thur 5th.

I' m looking forward to beautiful encounters!




Enjoy authentic tantra in Berlin

It´s not easy to explain tantra in a few short sentences, but here´s my try:

Tantra is the way to spiritual enlightenment and stems from the tantric tradition of buddhism and hinduism. It celebrates and worships the human body as the "temple of the divine". Tantra-massage is a tool on the way to physical and spiritual enlightenment, which offers the experience of complete freedom and relaxation.

The authentic tantra in Berlin which I practice can support you on your way and allows you to experience the spirit of tantra. With my hands and my heart I worship your body and your soul. This awakens your sexual energy, which then flows freely through your whole body. Tantra-massage is more than a "simple"massage, because it allows you a completely new bodyexperience. For this experience, I offer you the appropriate space in my studio in Berlin. There, you can go on a wonderful sensual trip, far away from your everyday life and stressful expectations.

My tantra-massage here in Berlin always follows the same steady ritual steps. Mindfully and intuitively, I touch not only your body, but also your whole being. Your skin is touched in various ways, you feel tender strokes, warm oil, my loving hands and my warm body, to which you can lean on.

Tantric massages are always holistic. Because of that, yoni and lingam are also worshipped and celebrated during my massage, since they represent the female and male principle. Being touched at your most intimate parts by an unknown person needs a lot of trust, so we´ll have a preliminary talk before your first tantra-ritual with massage in my studio in Berlin. Afterwards, you can surrender fully to my tantric art of touch and the celebration of your body.