authentical, serious tantramassage

for me, tantra is a life-philosophy


which I take very freely and without any dogma:
Use everything, any experience and any encounter, to free yourself from illusion.
Free from narrow ideas about "good" and "bad".
Always try to be fully awake and present with what is, right here and now.

It is very easy for me to dive into a deep contact with others and to find a common sensual language. And I love to explore the unknown of every new encounter.
Tantramassage is an essential part of my erotic life, and I really enjoy to share this marvellously sensual ritual with you in my private studio in Berlin.

My tantramassages are very sensual and also very erotically, but I don´t offer any sexual services. Your willingness to be especially mindful and mostly passive and to let me lead you tenderly through the tantramassageritual is a basic requirement which I expect from you.

Namasté - I greet the divine in you!